Katrina C. Hopkins

Washington DC USA

Functional Summary

Web/Custom Application Design & Development 

  • In Amber Eyes, I developed custom applications using technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, XML, CSS and Javascript.  Example applications include converting a proprietary XML format into an iCal compatible event stream for a local yoga studio and for their customers and for another client providing video streaming, iTunes integration and an e-commerce solution.  

  • Developed groupware solutions for internal review management and progress tracking during analysis, design and coding phases of the software lifecycle. I also developed analysis and design methods to assist my team in achieving Software Engineering Institute Level 2 of software development process maturity. 

  • Proficient: PHP, Perl, C++, Java, C, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, and XML. Experienced with a large variety of professional desktop software applications including those ported onto Windows, Unix/Linux, and Macintosh platforms. 

Event Production, Management & Service Delivery

  • Wrote the 10,000 lines of code that is at the heart of the Amber Eyes Event Management System which provides real time reporting of registration levels, online invoicing, and provides secure access to customer data including housing and food preferences.

  • Provided targeted bookeeping solutions for event management along with event, business and organizational consulting. I also provided logistical support for large-scale events and gatherings.

Applied Research 

  • Conducted preliminary research into Extensible Markup Language or XML to identify advanced services concepts that represented opportunities for Bell Atlantic. Initiated intelligent agent research to identify web based premium service offering for business units including Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions, and Electronic Commerce. Bell Atlantic Primary in Screen Based Telephone Applied Research program. 

  • As a Smart Phone Subject Matter Expert on thin client interfaces for consumer handhelds and other information appliances, I designed and implemented prototype server applications for three consumer field trials. 

Network Architecture,  Engineering & Technical Management 

  • Lead the multi-disciplined corporate-wide network architecture planning task force that designed the next-generation internet to public switched telephone network integration platform for the entire international Verizon network.  This task force reported directly to corporate executives and to the corporate board of directors.  As both a technical lead and the team leader, I was instrumental in translating various technical criteria, legal obligations and budgetary constraints into a cohesive plan adopted across all product lines and within the various national networks worldwide.

  • Developed the network and services architecture to support wholesale streaming media distribution and delivery within the Verizon IP, ADSL and ATM network including adding support for IP multicasting, caching and related technologies. 

  • As project lead for a large Internet based project, I was responsible for a multi-year budget of close to $2 million, matrix management across three departments and coordination across two corporations. 

  • Created and lead a Multi-Platform Development Team in which I was responsible for project management, system analysis, quality assurance and field support in addition to role as lead software architect and developer. I built a diverse, multitalented team of programmers, software engineers, system analysts and technical writers. 

  • As Multimedia Standards Steward, I was responsible for managing the participation of all Bell Atlantic subject matter experts within standards bodies nationally and internationally that produce multimedia and video standards. I also provided intellectual property, regulatory and technical review of all Bell Atlantic contributions to these forums and conducted impact analysis for emerging multimedia and video standards. I was ultimately responsible for the management, advocacy and strategic direction of Bell Atlantic's Multimedia Standards Strategy. 


Amber Eyes Productions LLC, Washington, DC

  • 2001 - 2016 Principle 

    Web Design, Application Development, Event Management 

Verizon (Bell Atlantic), Silver Spring, MD 

  • 1990 - 2002 Distinguished Member Technical Staff  

    Internet Technology Planning, Network Architecture, Multimedia and Video Standards Management, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management

C&P Telephone Company, Washington, DC 

  • 1978 - 1990 Engineer

    Transmission Engineering, Network Operations 


Johns Hopkins University, APL Laurel, MD 

  • 1996 MS Computer Science 

    Software Engineering, Distributed Development on WWW, Software Quality, Human-Computer Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence  

University Of Maryland, College Park, MD 

  • 1987 BS Electrical Engineering 

    Computer / Digital Logic Design, Software Engineering